Welcome to Mo-DEC!

The Missouri Developmental Education Consortium (Mo-DEC), a grassroots effort, was formed to assist in developing a framework for consistent approaches to developmental education in Missouri two-year colleges. Mo-DEC has brought together developmental education professionals, including faculty, department chairs, institutional researchers, and administrators, from across the state’s thirteen public two-year colleges and the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

Mo-DEC provides a statewide forum for the study and discussion of issues in developmental education and serves as a liaison between Missouri two-year colleges and the Missouri Department of Higher Education in issues related to developmental education. Additionally, Mo-DEC collaborates with other professional organizations to further improve practices and policies in developmental education. We hope you find the Mo-DEC site informative and beneficial.

If you would like to join the Mo-DEC listserv, please send an email to the Mo-DEC Chairperson: Zoe Albright (zoe.albright@mcckc.edu), or complete the form at the bottom right of this page.